About Us

"Kurt at Boulder Run Physio has been instrumental in keeping our team healthy. Over the last two years, he's worked to help our team recover from injury, and has been devoted to helping those who have come down with an injury. Our athletes see him every week, and his commitment to the team has been a huge value. We couldn't have had athletes on the Olympic and World Championships team without him!"

dathan ritzenheim
3x USA Olympian,
On Athletics Club Coach

High Quality Physical Therapy

We provide high quality, evidence-based and patient-centered care in one-on-one treatment sessions. Whether you are dealing with a current injury, recovering from surgery, or wanting to learn ways to decrease your injury risk and improve performance - skilled physical therapy can help you overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Are you a runner that is injured, recovering post-operation, managing a condition, or wishing to improve your performance? Our physical therapy and sports medicine services can help you overcome obstacles, be active, enjoy training as a part of your life, and achieve your goals.