"Kurt at Boulder Run Physio has been instrumental in keeping our team healthy. Over the last two years, he's worked to help our team recover from injury, and has been devoted to helping those who have come down with an injury. Our athletes see him every week, and his commitment to the team has been a huge value. We couldn't have had athletes on the Olympic and World Championships team without him!"

Dathan Ritzenhein
On Athletics Club Coach, 3x USA Olympian

"I've known Kurt Roeser of Boulder Run Physio for over 17 years, and it's not a coincidence that in that time I haven't had any serious running injuries. As an athlete that was always injured in my younger years, I started to transform the way I thought and trained around the time I met Kurt. His focus on preventative care and injury prevention has helped me stay healthy and train at a high level for a long time. This past year I struggled with some hamstring tendonitis, and Kurt was able to work with me on adjusting my training plan and focusing on healing and strengthening the area without having to miss any days of running. As a coach for Boulder Underground, I trust Kurt with all of my athletes - he's helped me adjust training plans that have led to athletes reaching their goals of Olympic Trials Qualifiers and Boston Qualifiers. His knowledge and experience are invaluable, and we feel lucky to have him on our team!"

matt hensley
boulder underground coach, rOLL recovery VP, UF Alumni

“Last year, we started looking for a new strength coach for our T.E.A.M Boulder Elite team. Boulder certainly has no shortage of strength coaches, but what we liked about Kurt Roeser from Boulder Run Physio, was his approach of “simplicity." Being a runner himself, Kurt made sure that each athlete's strength program complemented their training and did not take away from their training. He understood the importance of runners having to run first, and placing the load of their strength work in and around their training and racing schedules. Kurt is also a fantastic physical therapist that my athletes use. As a runner, Kurt understands the thoroughness of work needed to be done for my athletes to stay healthy, but also the urgency of treating an injury to make sure their training and racing are not affected. With Kurt, there is no gimmicky program he is trying to push, and he keeps everything simple for my athletes to do, which I appreciate.”

Lee troop
Team Boulder Coach, 3x Australian Olympian

“Kurt Roeser with Boulder Run Physio is our go-to for athlete injuries. There’s no musculoskeletal specialist in the area I trust more than Kurt to look after our Roots athletes' well-being. He’s incredibly knowledgeable (especially in high-performance running), easy to communicate with, and has full confidence in the guidance he provides our athletes to return from injury efficiently while reducing the risk of reoccurrence. Boulder athletes are lucky to have Kurt at their disposal, and we’re very grateful for all the help he continues to provide our team.”

Richard Hansen
DC, DACBSP, CSCS, Roots Running Coach
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I always relaxed at Boulder Run Physio with Kart. 日本人の方にもオススメです!

Kurt is very knowledgeable, and excellent at dry needling. I always feel better after a session with him.

I chose Boulder Run Physio to help me address a variety of pain issues. Specifically, I sought out their physical therapists due to their expertise in climbing and running-related injuries. My goals were to run a 10k, reenter climbing, and lose gained weight after several years of non-activity, work stress, lack of self-care and depression. As a person who used to derive great pride and enjoyment from being physically fit and outdoorsy, I felt an extreme loss of sense of self and identity. Tammy worked with me weekly and often multiple times a week to regain my mobility and strength. She was extremely compassionate, working with me to combat my pain but also to build back the confidence and athleticism I had lost. She addressed pain in my knees, hips and shoulders using a variety of modalities such as stretching, manual manipulation, dry needling with electric stimulation and ever evolving home exercise routines to challenge my muscles and tendons as I progressed. I also saw Kurt to address a 6+ year struggle with upper hamstring pain, which he quickly diagnosed and set me on a path to recovery. Over the space of six months, I made a significant transformation. I lost the extra weight I had put on, gained back muscle mass, went from walking around the neighborhood to running a 10k, and from being embarrassed about my climbing to having increased confidence in the gym and now getting excited to climb outside for the first time in 3 years. My husband is also working extensively with Tammy on his rehabilitation after he had a microdiscectomy surgery to fix a bulging disc in his spine. We both consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have the support of the physical therapists at Boulder Run Physio, and continue to visit their office regularly. I cannot thank Tammy enough for what she has done to eliminate and reduce my pain, help me rekindle my excitement for fitness activities, and find joy in life again. If you feel like you’ve lost hope with your pain or injury and don’t know where to start or what to try next, I 1,000% recommend Boulder Run Physio to ease your burden and help you on your journey!

Kurt is fantastic! I am coming back from a navicular stress fracture and you have to be really tedious with these. I know because I had one before and he is great with trying to help build/maintain strength while still being cautious. You can tell he is committed to getting me back as safely but also as quickly as possible. Would absolutely recommend! He is incredibly professional and knowledgeable.

Kurt is an excellent PT for runners. I highly recommend Boulder Run Physio!

I came to see Kurt for recovery from a stress fracture injury. He truly has the highest level of expertise when it comes to running injuries, and is on the cutting edge of the latest research in therapy. Kurt values the big picture when it comes to healing, and encouraged me to build strength as well as dig into the underlying issues that led to my injury. He is personable, encouraging, and full of wisdom and experience. I’ve come from non weight bearing on crutches back to running in just a few short months, and I am a stronger and smarter runner because of Kurt and his training. It will be bittersweet when I no longer need to come in for physical therapy, it’s been the highlight of my weeks and has made the tough injury journey enjoyable with small milestones, victories, and someone to check in with. Thanks for all your help and support in getting me back to the sport I love Kurt!

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