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Gait & Running Analysis

We provide skilled video gait and running analysis services in order to access your biomechanics and determine a plan of injury management and performance improvement.
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Gait & Running Analysis

Although many of us enjoy running for its elegant simplicity, running is actually a complex motor skill that takes practice to perfect. Each year, nearly 80% of runners suffer an injury, causing them to take an unplanned break from enjoyment running or training. Although multiple factors may contribute to injury, many are related to biomechanical flaws that are very correctable. Slow motion video analysis in conjunction with assessment of various strength, range of motion, and flexibility measures provides insight into mechanisms leading to injury or decreased performance.

After a discussion about your running history and fitness goals, a detailed physical examination and video analysis is performed and reviewed with you. We then develop a plan for corrective exercises and provide you with specific cues to immediately improve your running technique. We may also employ various manual therapy techniques such as joint mobilizations or soft tissue mobilizations to normalize restricted motion.

Following your running assessment, you will have a fundamental understanding of specific mechanisms leading to injury or decreased running economy as well as a plan for fixing them. Whether you are currently injured or simply looking to improve performance by optimizing efficiency, we will help you get the ultimate enjoyment, speed, and distance out of your running.

We provide Gait & Running Analysis at the following clinics: Longmont, Lafayette, Niwot, Arvada.

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